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Best Balochi Chicken Sajji recipe in Pakistan 2021

Pakistan is heaven for the food lover people. If you are a foreigner or a local citizen and haven’t tested the Best Balochi Chicken Sajji so you have to test this delicious recipe. This is basically a Balochi dish and Balochi people love Sajji. There are many types of Sajji but chicken and goat are famous and people love to eat Sajji.

Today I will tell you about this recipe and also I will give you the recipe to make this Balochi Chicken Sajji at home. Basically people of Balochistan love to eat meat and they have invented many ways to cook chicken. Sajji is a traditional recipe and this is easily available in whole Pakistan. I have eaten chicken Sajji many times and if you haven’t tried so I will spacially recommend you to taste Sajji. Following are the steps kindly follow them to make Chicken Sajji at home.

Ingredients to make Chicken Sajji:

  • One whole Chicken Without pieces.
  • Oil.
  • Custom-flavored vinegar.
  • Galic past.
  • Custom-flavored salt.
  • chili powder.
  • Black pepper.
  • Some spices if you want.
  • lemons.
  • coals.
  • Ajwain.
  • fennel seeds.
  • Coriander seeds.

Steps/Method to make Chicken Sajji:

First of all, take I whole chicken and do not remove the skin of the chicken, Now wash the chicken and put some salt on it and mix well, Then take an iron rod set across the chicken. Now burn the fire and put the chicken in front of fire for only one minute. now mix all spices in a bowl and put chicken on it and marinate it for 30 minutes if you want you can leave it for 1 hour then you have to put it in front of fire and one main thing which you have to do is that you have to cook chicken from every side, Now leave it to cook it will take some time so you can make some salad and sauce for making chicken Sajji more delicious, After cooking Cooking you can now surf Best Balochi Chicken Sajji to your family or friends.

Today I have told you how to make Best Balochi Chicken Sajji recipe. This recipe is one of the most delicious recipes in Pakistan and also in the Arab-and the rest of the world I hope you like this method to make Sajji. If you have any questions regarding Sajji so feel free to comment below. You can also watch this video to make Sajji. Goodbye and see you in the next post and if you want to post related to tour and travel you can read it here.

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