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Big Mistake When Buying Travel Insurance

You’ve made your long-awaited vacation plans knowing you need to consider travel insurance. The travel agent he used strongly suggested that he protect his investment with travel insurance. You know that many things can happen before you leave and cause the cancellation of your flight. You may have booked that dream trip. Spend a lot of money. What would happen if something happened? Someone could get sick. Weather can cause flight delays and you will lose your sailing time. You will definitely require protection. It’s the smartest thing to do.

Well congratulations! At least you understand the need to protect your investment. That’s more than many people who spend a lot of money on their travel plans and never think about what could happen and how much they could lose. But when shopping for that travel insurance, don’t make the number one mistake that many people make. Too many people choose the easy way out without thinking. They chose travel insurance recommended by their travel agent or you can see that when they booked their cruise, the cruise line offered travel insurance at a seemingly reasonable cost. Don’t make this #1 mistake! This is the worst way to get any kind of travel insurance.

Keep that in mind. Your travel agent offers a specific plan or plans from a specific insurance company. Now, it may not be a bad plan, but do you think it’s being offered because it’s the best value or because it’s the best coverage option for you? Maybe not. It’s probably offered because your travel agent has a business relationship with that company and gets the best commissions when their clients buy them.

The same goes for any type of travel insurance offered by any travel services provider, such as the cruise line you booked your trip with. It certainly won’t be the best value for money. Also, why do you think these travel policies will meet your specific needs? Sure, they may have options you can select from that will give you a bit of flexibility, but rest assured that you can probably do a better job with pricing and coverage.

This is what you should do. Take a minute first and assess your travel situation. Are there things at work that could get in the way of travel? Are you traveling with children? Are there any health issues with elderly relatives that could cause problems while you’re away? You don’t have to spend days doing this, but be aware of potential situations that may arise.

Then do comparison shopping online. There are many places where you can get comparative quotes and especially read the detailed description of the coverage. This will inform you of the specific coverages and exclusions that are included in the plan. Now this reading may not be fun, but it is essential. Most plans offer options and upgrades that you want or need to give you the right protection for your particular situation.

Take special care when comparing travel medical insurance coverage and benefits. After all, this is the most important reason to buy travel insurance. Take your time and compare policies and you’ll avoid making the biggest mistake people make and you’ll be able to find the best value at the same time.

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