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A tour to Pakistan-famous places to visit - 2019

A tour to Pakistan-famous places to visit – 2019

famous places to visit in Pakistan. Hello, This is the first post of our Website, and we will start our journey from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Let’s begin.

A short overview of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan|famous places to visit in Pakistan:

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the full name of Pakistan. Pakistan is established on 14 August 1947. 197 Million is the population of Pakistan in 2017. Pakistan is amongst the most beautiful country in the world as it has all seasons. You can see the desert, mountains, forest, rivers, sea, and much more in Pakistan.

Geographical view of Pakistan:

India-china-Afghanistan-Iran are the surrounding countries of Pakistan. The total area of Pakistan is about 881,913 km² and it makes Pakistan the 16th biggest country in the world by area. The total population of Pakistan makes it the 6th biggest country in the world, the population is about 197 million in 2017. You can see real beauty here because it has all seasons.

People of Pakistan:

Punjab is the biggest province after Balochistan but Punjab has most population in Pakistan and about 45% are Punjabi’s. 15% are Pashtoon- 14% are Sindhi- 8% are Saraiki- 7% ara major and 4% are Balochi and 7% are other minorities. If you ever visit Pakistan you will always see the hospitality of people in Pakistan

Religion in Pakistan:

Pakistan is basically a Muslim majority country and it has 96% Muslims-4% are minorities. But there is a system of equality and it make Pakistan the best county in the world. In this country, if anyone who is a Muslim-Hindu-Sikh-Cristian or belongs to other religions can do there prayers freely without any problem.

Some interesting information about the Islamic Republic of Pakistan:

  • In Pakistan, you can taste those dishes which are very delicious and healthy. Biryani and nihari are the most famous dishes which Pakistani people love to eat. This country has a rich food culture. You can easily find traditional food.
  • Allama Iqbal is National poet of pakisatan.
  • Liaqat Ali Khan is the first prime minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
  • Jesmin is the national flower of Pakistan.
  • Karakoram Highway is the world’s most beautiful highway and it is about 1300 km Long highway and it was constructed in 1966.
  • Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan.
  • Chukar is the national bird of Pakistan.
  • Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan.
  • The Changa Manga is the biggest man-made forest in the world and it is located in Punjab.
  • Mango is the national fruit of Pakistan.
  • Shalwar-kameez is the National dress of Pakistan.
  • And much more.

Beautiful places in Pakistan to visit:

famous places to visit in Pakistan

Lake Saiful Muluk :

Lake Saiful muluk is located in the north of kaghan valley KPK. It is a very good place for tourists. If you are a tourist so you can visit this place and it’s totally safe place to visit.

Payee Lake :

Payee lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. It is located in Shogran. The height of this lake is 2,895 meters.

Shandur Lake:

Shandur Lake is located in Chitral Pakistan and this lake connects Chitral with Gilgit Baltistan, This lake is very famous in Pakistan. Every year thousands of locals and tourist come to Shandur and enjoy. This place is also famous for POLO, Worlds highest POLO ground is located in Shandur. If you are willing to travel across Pakistan so you have to visit Shandur lake.

Pakistan is a country of hospitality you will see never feel that you are in another country. Pakistan always gives importance to there tourist and love to invite them to there homes. You will love Pakistan when you come here and if you are Pakistani so you have to visit the whole of Pakistan. If you like this post then you can comment below and give thoughts and suggestions to this post and we will try to provide the best information. In the end, If you are want to know how to make Cappucino coffee at home so click here.

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