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History of attabad lake most beautiful lake in Pakistan

History of attabad lake | most beautiful lake in Pakistan

This world has many visiting points where you can visit and enjoy it. Some places are near to you, and some are fare from you. In today’s post, we will talk about the History of attabad lake | most beautiful lake in Pakistan. This lake is located in the Hunza northern areas of Pakistan. This lake has a very short history.

History of attabad lake:

There is a short story behind the creation of Attabad Lake. In 2002 one of the mountain in attabad village cracked from the bottom and the rescue members and experts have warned the local people of Attabad village to leave this area but the people of this village have ignored. In 2010 there was a huge land sliding. This land sliding has blocked the way of water then the water starts falling back. This water suppressed the whole village.

The Government of Pakistan has done a great job to rescue the local people. The government assigned a company to resolve this problem but they have done a little work. Whenever the local people of attabad village see the lake they always think that their homes are in the dept of the water. This accident affects the lives of many villagers. The government of Pakistan has helped them well. The government has given essential assistance to the people of this village. overall this incident has marked a huge effect on the lives of thousands of local villagers.

History of attabad lake | most beautiful lake in Pakistan
History of attabad lake | most beautiful lake in Pakistan

most beautiful lake in Pakistan:

Attabad lake is one of the most famous and the most beautiful lake in the world. This lake is a good source of income for the people who work on this Like boating, hotels ETC. This lake has also improved tourism in Pakistan. Every year millions of people come to visit this lake and they really enjoy. There were some difficulties in begging but now the Government has given man facilities to the people who are visiting this place. In the summers this lake looks so pretty if you see this lake from the top you will see a pure Bluewater this looks very beautiful. many people come here to do work the earn a good amount from this.

Today I have shared some information about the Attababd lake. I hope you will like the information. I hope you like this post if yes then you can comment below. Do you want to read the post regarding Best Balochi Chicken Sajji recipe in Pakistan – 2019? if yes then click here.

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