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Karakoram highway-Information and Trip

Karakoram highway-Information and Trip

Roads, Nowadays roads really matters. If we say Karakoram highway is 8th wonder of the world so it will not be wrong. Karakoram highway is located in Pakistan and China. It starts from Havelian Kyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan to china. This highway not only connect china with Pakistan it also connects two parts of the world. Karakoram highway has a very old ancient history you must know that this highway was also known as silk rout. Ancient people used this route for connecting China and other parts of Asia with the rest of the world. Karakoram Highway is also the oldest route which was used for trade. In the past, Using this rout was very hard because of the mountains. This route is surrounded by mountains.

This Highway is also the world’s most dangerous highway in the world. Karakoram highway is very important for Pakistan also it is very important for China, Karakoram highway connect the Arabian sea with China. This heigh way is also the highest and also the beautiful highway in the world. Every year thousands of people dai in this highway just because of land sliding and road accidents. The government of Pakistan always takes care of the maintenance of this highway. This highway is very important for the people of Gilgit Baltistan because of this highway connect the Gilgit with the word. Gilgit Baltistan is a mountainous area and this is the only highway that helps the local people of the area to connect themselves to the world.


The economy level of Pakistan gets a positive impact because of the trade. As we all know that trade is a very important part of a country and with the help of this highway Pakistan does trade with China. The most important thing about this Highway is that thousands of people died during the construction of this highway. Man of them are Pakistani People and many were Chinese. Most people think that making this highway was very easy but history says that it has taken many years and to construct this highway many mountains destroyed by the explosion. There are many other stories you will find in the history of making this highway.

Beauty Of KKH:

You must know that Karakoram Highway is also the most beautiful highway in the world. You will see very beautiful sceneries when you travel to this highway. As I have already told you about the maintenance of KKH. As it is 1300 Km long in the length Which makes many difficulties in making the safety of this highway. But the Government of Pakistan has done a very great job. If you get a chance to visit or travel on KKH then you must go and enjoy it. I have visited this highway many times now it’s your turn.


Today I have told you some important information about KKH. I hope you will like this information. You must travel once in your life and explore the beauty of this highway. If you want to know about Afghanistan so click here.

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