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largest city of Pakistan | most beautiful cities of Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful county in the world. This country has many cities that are densely populated. Some cities have a little population. Today we will talk about the largest city of Pakistan | most beautiful cities of Pakistan. So lets began.

Top 7 Most Beautiful Cities of Pakistan 2019| largest city of Pakistan


In our list, Rawalpindi comes in No#7. The population of this city is about 2.098 million. Rawalpindi is one of the most beautiful city in Pakistan. It has many places to travel. If you ever visit Rawalpindi you can also visit:

  • Jamia Masjid Wah Cant.
  • Jinnah Park Rawalpindi.
  • Ayub Park Rawalpindi.
  • Eiffel Tower Bahria Town Rawalpindi.
  • Mall road Murree.
  • Texila Museum.
  • Pindi point Muree.
  • Kohala picnic point.
  • Sangni Fort Gujjar khan.
  • Behdi Haveli.

Dharma Rajika stupa Taxila and many more. There are hundreds of places you can visit in Rawalpindi. There are some adventurous places some of them are traditional. Also modern places you can visit there.


No#6 Peshawar is also very famous in Pakistan. The people of Peshawar are very nice and they are famous for there hospitality. The people always welcome their guests with there hearts. There are many tourist places where you can visit. Explore the beauty of Peshawar city. Following are the top places where you can visite can explore Peshawar city:

  • The Peshawar Museum.
  • Bala Hisar fort Peshawar.
  • The Mahabat khan mosque.
  • The Qissa khawani Bazar Peshawar.
  • Islamia College Peshawar.
  • Ziarat Rehman Baba, and many more. Peshawar is a city of the traditional culture of Pashtoon, Sikh, Hindu and many more. If you are willing to visit you must have to visit Qissa khawani bazar this is one of the most traditional and oldest marketplace in Peshawar. One more important thing about Qissa khawani bazar is that Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is also from Qissa khawani bazar.


In our List, Multan comes in No#5. Multan is one of the oldest city in Pakistan. It has 1.872 million of population. This city is best for those who want to explore the traditional lifestyle and the Sufi concept. You will see many old buildings and mosques. There are also tombs of Mughals and other rulers of the sub-continent. So following are the list of best places you must have to visit in Multan:

  • The tomb of shah rukne Alam.
  • Multan arts council.
  • Ghanta gar.
  • Masjid Ali Wali Muhammad khan.
  • Shahi eid gah Mosque.
  • Bahauddin Zakariya.
  • Multan Fort.
  • Multan cricket stadium.
  • Jinnah park Multan, and many more. You can visit Multan and explore this city. This is also the most beautiful city in Pakistan.


In our list, Faisalabad comes in No#4. Faisalabad is one of the most beautiful city in Pakistan. Faisalabad has 3.204 million of population. This city is very famous in the world. This is the largest sports Goods exporter city in the world. This city has many tourist places where you can enjoy. Following are some of them:

  • Clock tower Faisalabad.
  • Jinnah Garden.
  • D ground park.
  • Lyallpur Museum.
  • Sindbad Wonderland.
  • Gateway forest park.
  • The Fun land Faisalabad.
  • Dakkan Park Faisalabad.
  • Fun Dunya
  • Aqua land water park. There are more places to visit but these are the most visited and most popular places in Faisalabad to visit if you have not visited Faisalabad so you must have to visit it.


No#3 Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan and It also comes un the list of most highly populated cities in the world. It has 14.91 million of the population. There are many places in Karachi city to explore. even many people who are living in Karachi have not visited all places in Karachi. Following are the places where you must visit when you come to Karachi:

  • Lucky one mall Karachi.
  • Bahria Icon Tower.
  • PAF museum.
  • Mizar-e-Quaid.
  • Hawks bay.
  • port grand.
  • Churna Island.
  • Mohatta Palace.
  • Empress Market.
  • Quid-e-Azam House. Ther are hundreds of places in Karachi you can visit. If you ever come to Karachi, you must visit these famous places.


No#2 Lahore is the second-largest city in Pakistan and has almost an 11.13 million population. This is also a holy place Sikh people and millions of sick people come every year in Lahore and attempt their religious practices. These are the most famous places you can visit in Lahore:

  • Emporium mall.
  • Lahore museum.
  • The Grand Jamia mosque.
  • Liberty market.
  • Wagha Border.
  • The Food Street Lahore.
  • The Lahore Zoo.
  • Shahi Qilla.
  • Minar-e-Pakistan.
  • Badshahi Mosque. You can visit these places if you visit Lahore. This city is also known as the heart of Pakistan, so you can imagine the importance of this city to Pakistan.


No#1 Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan a well-developed city in Pakistan. The population of Islamabad is 1.015 million. There are many places to visit in Islamabad. This city is the most beautiful city of Pakistan. You can read the following places to visit in Islamabad:

  • Jinnah Sper market.
  • The margala hills.
  • Centaurus shopping mall.
  • Fatima Jinnah Park.
  • Saidpur Village.
  • Pakistan Monument.
  • Lake View Park.
  • Daman-e-Koh.
  • Faisal Masjid.
  • Monal, pir Sohawa. If you ever visit Islamabad you can visit these places.


Today I have told you about the largest city of Pakistan | most beautiful cities of Pakistan. I hope you like the post. My team has done very hard research on it. If you like the post you can comment below and give your thoughts and suggestions. You can also watch video on the most beautiful cities in Pakistan. If you want to know how to make Best Balochi Chicken Sajji recipe in Pakistan – 2019 you can visit this post.

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