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Make Gajar ka halwa in an easy way

Make Gajar ka halwa in an easy way

Gajar ka halwa is a very famous sweet recipe in Asia, especially in the subcontinent. You can find Gajar ka halwa anywhere in Pakistan and India. It is a very old and traditional recipe and people love to eat it. Making Gajjar ka halwa is very easy you can read the below method to know how to make this recipe at home. So let’s start to make it.


  • Carrots (گجر کا حلوہ)
  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Almonds
  • Cashew
  • Pistachios
  • Sugar

Method to make Gajar Ka Halwa:

We will also make khoya(کھویا) which will increase the taste of halwa. You can follow to make Gajjar ka halwa. First of all, we have to take a pan and put milk into it. leave the milk to boil meanwhile, you have to cut the carrots in very small pieces. When Milk will Garha (گاڑھا) then you have to put in a different bowl. Now you have to take a pan and add butter into it and also add almonds, Cashew, Pistachios.

Leave it to fry for 5 minutes in medium flame. Now add carrots in the pan and cook until it changes its color. When it gets cooked then you have to add sugar into the pan. Mix properly until the halwa gets separated from the butter. Now you have to add almonds, Cashew, Pistachios, and Khoya into the halwa. Mix the halwa for 5 minutes and then you can serve it or eat it:)


Today I have told you how to make a delicious Gajar in a very simple way. You can also try to make it in your home. I guarantee you will like this. if you like this post then you can comment below.

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