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Sindh The Province Of Pakistan With Facts

Sindh The Province Of Pakistan With Facts

There is a very long history of Sindh as it is now part of Pakistan. Sindh is the Provence of Pakistan which has the second largest population of whole Pakistan. In many books, we can see the Indus valley civilization which is was in Sindh. As we all know about the Indus valley civilization if you don’t know about this civilization so you can read below. In this post, I will share with you some most important facts and information about Sindh which you mush know. So let’s start.

Indus Valley Civilization| Mohenjo Daro :

Mohenjo Daro, which is located in Sindh has many facts that make a person to think. The Archeologist have discovered many things from Mohenjo Daro which are incredible. The archeologist has found a city that was buried under the soil. You must know that the whole city is not fully discovered but even then there are many mysterious things which you will see in this city.

People of this city have done everything to maintain comfort in the past. You will see a sewerage system in this city which make this city amazing because even in 21 century there are many regions where is no system of sewerage. One more interesting fact about Mohinjo Daro is that to make this city the people have used only the same size bricks and these blocks were also waterproof so you can imagine who advanced they were to build this city. You must know that there was a toilet system in this city. Archaeologists have found many stones with many quotes but no one can understand or read that language as it was not a mysterious language.

Do you know about Mohinjo Daro’s great bath? If not so you must know that there was a swimming pool in this city. This swimming pool was very big in size. The people were using the water of the Indus river to fill this Swimming Pool. The people of this city were also medically advanced. There are thousands of things which archaeologists have found but they don’t know anything about them. I will make a separate post on Indus valley civilization where I will tell you deeply about this valley.

Famouse Cities in Sindh Pakistan:

There are many famous places in Sindh where you can enjoy it. Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Larkana, Sukkur are the most populated city in Sindh. If you are willing to visit Pakistan so you must visit the Sindh as there are many places where you can visit and enjoy it. As you already know about Karachi, It is the first largest city in Pakistan and has many places to visit not only Karachi you can visit Sukkur nawab shah and many other cities in Sindh which have a very long history. You can find many places to explore ancient Sindh. The Thar desert is also located in Sindh and thousands of people live in that. The majority of people belong to Hindu religion.

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