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Travel To Israel | Full History And Information About Israel

Hello friends today we are going to Travel To Israel | Full History And Information About Israel. We will learn about the history and interesting facts about Israel. So let’s begin our journey.

Travel To Israel Full History And Information About Israel

Travel To Israel-History And Information About Israel:

Israel is located in Continent Asia. This country is bounded with the west by the Mediterranean, southwest by Egypt, east by Jordan, northeast by Syria. Israel has an ancient history. This country is very beautiful and important for Muslims Christians and Jewish. as there is Masjid al Aqsa for Muslims, Calvary for Christians, The temple mount is the holiest place for Judaism.

If we talk about Israel we will know that the majority of world multinational countries are also from Israel. Israeli people always try to do their own business you will see almost every person of Israel has his/her own business. People of Israel always say a shroom alaekhum when they meet anyone. As Muslims say Assalam u Alaikum when they meet anyone. There is one interesting fact about Israel, This is the only country which generates more electricity from the solar panel as compared to the rest of the world. You must know that there is a high rate of bachelor’s in Israel than the whole world.

People of Israel love to solve math questions and playing chess. If women get pregnant in Israel they stop using technology from them and start solving maths questions and play chess. They believe after doing these activities the child gets extra intelligent and it is also good for mental health. Do you know the world’s biggest diamond wholesale market is also in Israel? Israeli people always give priority to eat fruits that’s why they are very healthy. We all know that the Dead Sea is the only sea where nothing can sink and this sea is in Israel.

Best place to visit in Israel:


Jerusalem is the capital and the oldest city in the world as it has an ancient history. There is also big importance for Israel from the 3 biggest religions of the world. I mean Islam Christians and Judaism. If you visit Israel you must visit Jerusalem you will see traditional buildings, temples, and mosques. This city has more than 8.712 million of population.


Today we have traveled to Israel I hope you will like this journey. There are also many things left which we will discuss in the next part. Thanks for showing interest in this post.

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